6 Cringe-Worthy Things You Should NEVER Say To Any Man… Ever

As women, there are certain things we despise men saying to us— whether it’s bad talking our friends or pointing out how hot the waitress is— these subtle comments not only leave a bad taste in our mouth but they also make us feel uncomfortable or even unworthy.

That said, even though men like to play tough, there are certain things women say that bother them too.

My name is Amy North. I’m a relationship coach from Vancouver, Canada. Today, I want to share 6 things you should never say to a man.

So then, let’s get started.

1. “You’re just like my ex.”

This is the first thing on my list of what to never say to a man, and for a good reason. No man (or a woman for that matter) wants to be compared to someone’s ex. Why? Because that person is an ex for a reason. Even if you mean it in a good way, this comment will never come across as a compliment.

It’s pretty much the same as saying, “You’re someone I don’t want to date.” Or, “You’re someone that it’s not going to work out with.”

Be fair to your new man and don’t make him feel like he’s the same as some other guy who it didn’t work out with.

2. “I always seem to date jerks.”

When you say this to a man, it triggers two things:

One, “this woman is self-entitled and blames everyone else for her relationship problems.”

Two, “she is probably going to badmouth me in the future as well.”

Instead of giving him that sort of negative impression, keep your dating history to yourself. Sure, it will probably come up at some point especially if you’re together for a decent amount of time. But, even when the ex-talk does happen, avoid speaking poorly of the men you’ve been with in the past.

A simple, “It just didn’t work out between us,” is perfectly fine. Don’t scare the man you’re seeing into thinking that you’re the type to point fingers.

3. “I’ve lost track of the number of guys I’ve slept with.”

Again, this is a topic that may come up between you and your man friend especially when sex comes up. That said, you never ever, ever want to say something like, “I’ve lost track of how many guys I’ve slept with.”

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve sincerely lost track or you’re saying it because you feel embarrassed about telling him the real number. Don’t say this.

It’s true that “your number” can be a bit of a scary question. Too high of a number and you’re easy, too low and you’re inexperienced.

Rather than answering it all, simply tell him that it’s none of his business or nicely say that you’re with him now. The past is in the past and the number of men you have been with is irrelevant.

4. “I feel fat.”

As you probably already know, men love women who love their bodies or at least those who can pretend to. In other words, be confident. Even if you feel like you need to lose 10 pounds before you’re happy with your body or wish that you could fit into those skinny jeans that all the other girls are wearing, if you can pull off that you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’ll have him hooked.

Telling a man that you feel fat not only gives him the impression that you’re insecure but will also make him see you in a different light. Truth be told, he’s not going to notice that your shirt fits a bit snug around the waist or that your arms are too big unless you point those things out to him. Don’t give him a reason to see your imperfections.

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5. “Size matters.”

Now, you may be like me in thinking, “Why would anyone ever say this to a guy?”

To be honest, I almost didn’t include this one on my list. But apparently, it’s something women say more than I imagined.

Telling a guy that size matters is equivalent to him telling you that your breasts need to be of certain size. The difference being that most guys would get slapped for this comment, whereas men on the other hand, simply have to grin and bear it.

Making a man feel insecure about his parts isn’t cool. In fact, it’s rude and belittling. Just as you wouldn’t appreciate him commenting on your body, don’t do it to him. As simple as that.

6. “You’re short” or “I’m taller than you.”

Now, this one doesn’t stop at height. In fact, calling a guy short, weak, fat, etc— all of those things will bruise his ego. He may not show it, but believe me, it hits him more than he’ll let on.

Again, this is one of the classic “treat others how you’d like to be treated” scenarios. Just as you wouldn’t want him picking apart the things that make you feel less than perfect, don’t do it to him.

So, there you have it, 6 things you should never say to a man. If there is something I missed or that you think should be added to the list then please go ahead and post it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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