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Product Reviewed: Getting Her Back For Good by Michael Webb

Perhaps you have just broken up with your girlfriend, or maybe you are worried she is thinking about leaving, either way you need to know how to act if you want to get her back.

Michael Webb’s book, Getting Her Back For Good attempts to tell you just that, so how good is it?

Read on for my Getting Her Back For Good review.

The majority of books out there that cover getting your ex girlfriend back revolve around tricking your ex to come back with you, but they don’t solve the fundamental issues the led you to break up but merely tell you how you can get them back.

The problem is, if you trick your ex girlfriend into getting back together– you might get her back but the underlying problems are still there.

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The difference here is that Michael Webb explains how to go about getting her back for good, not just tricking her to get back into a relationship with you for the short term.

Michael shows you what changes you need to make in yourself in order to make her want you back, and to want to stay with you.

It really isn’t as much about what you say or do to win her back– it is about who you are as a person and how you can turn into the kind of person she actually want to be with for the long haul.

So, the content of the book… Just a quick look through the book and you can see it has a fair amount of content.  The start of the book sets the tone for the rest. One key thing Michael tackles right away is whether or not you really want her back.

There is a reoccurring theme throughout the book, which is good. Michael really drums in the key points.  He doesn’t condescend to you or coddle you all, he tells you how it is straight.  This is good, it  helps you really think about why she left you (or you broke up) in the first place, something most men don’t actually know.G

Getting Her Back For Good isn’t really a step by step process explaining what tricks to use in order to get your girl back, instead, Michael focuses on making the changes in your life that will help that happen for you.

One key thing that I really like about this book is that it is written with men in mind, and only men. This is good because you will find that a lot of books on the market about getting your ex back try to cater for both genders. Men and women are very different and therefore the way they need to act in order to get a partner back is very different.

Is Getting Her Back For Good the best book ever? Of course not, it has a few minor problems.

It doesn’t really offer that many examples of things to say to your ex in order to win her back, of course you don’t want to just repeat things from a book like a puppet but it would still be helpful. It would have been helpful if it had told you how to initiate contact with your ex in a non-creepy way as well.

Although that being said, this book is actually pretty good, out of the competition on the market now this book offers a substantial method of getting your ex back.

If you want to know how best to get your girlfriend back, or are just interested in covering all of your bases then Getting Her Back For Good by Michael Webb is certainly worth a read.

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