Blow By Blow by Michael Webb Review

Product Reviewed: Blow By Blow by Michael Webb

We are all aware that men like fellatio, but many of us don’t know how to perform the act very well or wonder if we’re doing it correctly.

Is Blow by Blow by Michael Webb worth the price? Let’s decide.

Now that I have reviewed an oral sex book, I am a huge believer in learning how to give better oral pleasure. It takes a lot more effort than just going up and down.

There are many different sections that are very interesting like the ones on safety and health, the diagrams and the anatomy, and sections on waxing, shaving and simulating visually, but the best part of the book is the section on oral sex techniques.

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Michael Webb covers 15 different blow job techniques in Blow By Blow. Some are common and some I didn’t have a clue existed! There is so much more to giving blow jobs than just sucking!

If you want to find out how to or have been afraid to deep throat, you will like the section on advanced techniques, but it probably would have been even better if it had been even more detailed than it already was.

I also like the part that explained “building anticipation” which assists men in getting a more powerful orgasm. It was great that they included the problem of “getting it up” in the book as well, along with ideas of how to fix it.

But the greatest thing was that all of the positions, locations, and sensations that are talked about in the book help you to make fellatio more exciting and out of the ordinary and help you refrain from doing the same thing over and over again.

Did I find anything wrong with Blow By Blow by Michael Webb?

Yes. Some minor parts of the Michael Webb’s book were a little bit long and boring.

Although, he was very thorough. Some of the parts about safety and health were interesting, but I found that I was flipping to the techniques pages a lot and not reading that section as thoroughly as I could have.

But, I stand by my opinion that Blow by Blow by Michael Webb should be read by everyone who wants to give good head.

If you are new to oral sex, are afraid, think that you aren’t doing it right, or just want to improve your techniques so that he gets more pleasure out of it, then I would definitely recommend that you read this book. I give it two thumbs way up!

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