7 Ways To Bring A Man Closer Even If He’s Pulled Away From You


Today, we’re going to talk about seven ways to bring a man closer to you even if he has grown distant.

This is an important topic because you have to have a deep emotional bond with a man to keep him interested in you and in the relationship.

The same is true for the woman in a relationship. You won’t stick around, you won’t stay close to him if your emotional intimacy needs aren’t getting met. And guess what?

Emotions are your secret weapon against all those giggly little bombshells that try to sneak in and try to grab his eye or just plain steal your man.

1. Keep the flow going between you.

You’ve got to keep the flow to keep him close to you. I’m giving you one of the deadliest tricks right up front here.

You have to get your man to open up to you and be comfortable confiding in you.

Unfortunately, many of the couples I’ve seen have this well-rehearsed routine of cutting each other off and making it difficult for them to connect with each other.

They already know all their patterns.

So why do they have to listen to this again?

Well, let me just tell you, they’re getting impatient and getting resentful about these things whether your partner is going to make a huge rift between you and him if you keep doing it.

You have got to keep the flow of communication flowing at all costs. It’s the currency of your relationship.

2. Keep his feelings safe.

To stop him from pulling away from you, tip number two for how to bring him closer is to keep him safe.

In order to keep a man feeling safe enough to open up to you and be vulnerable, he has to know that there are no consequences, NONE for opening up to you.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh Carlos, I always make it very clear that he can communicate with me.”

Well, think about it. A lot of women make it clear that there are consequences for sharing.

First, you can get angry with him for sharing.

Think about the times you’ve gotten angry with him for what he said. Men work very, very hard to avoid disapproval from a woman.

Another way that women can try and control a relationship is through withholding intimacy from him.

Again, a man has a deep need for sexual intimacy with his partner and he’ll do anything to avoid not getting it and you going silent on him.

He knows that’s another possibility just as bad as you getting angry but even worse because this means you’re playing games by using the silent treatment.

And he doesn’t know the rules of your game.

So keep in mind, if a woman comes along with a sympathetic ear, she can snake a guy right out from almost any woman simply by knowing how most women operate. She knows how most women push their men away.

All right. Keep him close to you.

3. Keep him satisfied.

As I mentioned before, one of the ways that women sabotage their intimacy with a man is to play games with intimacy in the relationship.

Let me tell you one of Carlos’s rules for relationships. This one is going to be a real stickler.

Carlos’s rule of intimacy:

Never deny a man physical intimacy in your relationship.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to do it when you’re not in the mood or it doesn’t mean you have to give in or always be submissive to him or always give in to what the man wants.

What it means is that you want to focus on getting in the mood for intimacy if that’s what it takes so that you both can enjoy each other.

Remember, a lot of women think that men are all emotionally damaged and incapable of connection.

The truth is that men are just as capable of deep and intimate emotional connection as women.

The part that’s missing is a woman who understands what men fear most in a relationship.

Men fear a relationship that limits his freedom.

Plain and simple, That’s the thing you have to watch out for the most. It’s your number one priority.

4. Make him your hero.

All right. The next tip to stop him from pulling away from you is to make him your hero.

Men want to be a woman’s hero.

We want you to adore us and respect us.

Again, this is what usually happens with many relationships:

Resentment and contempt sneak in the back door and they usually appear with the eye rolls, in every situation that you don’t like.

Show him you adore him instead.

I guarantee you this will work about 1,000 percent better than any other method.

Also, there are two kinds of touch when you decide you want to show him physical affection.

Number one is the pulling touch.

That’s the kind of touch that has a needy vibe about it. These women feel like they’re always pulling on their man, tugging on him. It’s always got that feel.

The other type is the giving touch.

These are the women that men long to be near. These women know how to caress and give him affection, the kind that every man hungers for.

It’s kind of like being petted like a cat but not really annoying in any way. Give him all he can take of that second type of touch.

5. Chill out and be fun to be around.

Stop him from pulling away from you tip number five. Chill and be fun, yo!

This is one of those dating clichés but you do have to feel good about your own life before you can invite a man into it.

Think about it, if a guy has a choice of where to go on Saturday night.

Will he go to the quiet sleepy library?

Or will he go to the exciting and fun dance club?

Well, duh!

Obviously, he’ll want to go to the exciting dance club.

But, there are times he will want to sit home with you and do nothing and chill out like he’s at the library.

But that’s after he knows that you’re not a buzz kill.

6. Remove all pressure for the relationship to progress.

Let the air out and reduce the pressure.

One of the biggest reasons men pull away from a relationship is that they feel there’s too much pressure to make the relationship go somewhere.

Inevitably, what does he hear from you?

“Where is this going?”

“What am I to you?”

“Are you planning to marry me?”

“Am I getting a ring or what?

Look, we get it. Eventually, a woman wants some commitment and a lasting feeling of safety in a relationship. She wants to know that the energy she’s putting in is going to pay off.

Men want this too but you got to keep those interrogations to a minimum. Don’t get ahead of yourself in a relationship. A little secret here, the women that get the most proposals almost never seek out those proposals.

7. Stay connected to him.

Bring a man closer tip number seven is to stay connected. A huge thing here is being connected to your man.

How do you control this feeling of connection with him?

Well… being connected to a guy is nowhere near as hard as you think.

It’s just knowing what HIS connection code is.

Guys come in five connection of flavors– the bull, dog, turtle, cat, and the lamb.

This is a little bit like the zodiac of personalities and compatibility, only this is based on science and real-world psychology.

Each of these connection codes is distinct and unique.

If you treat a bull the same way as you treat a cat, you’re probably going to scare him off.

What most women don’t realize is the guy who matches your connection style is the same guy who romances you nonstop.

You just have to know how to connect with him on that level.

Are you ready to discover the truth from a guy who can tell you what men really think?

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Carlos Cavallo

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