3 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Guy (Advice From A Man)


Today, we’re talking about three things to never say to a man.

When guys get together, we often talk about how our wives, girlfriends or significant others get mad when we say the wrong things.

But, the fact is that men have their own verbal tripwires that set us off, even if we don’t admit it.

And… if you happen to say something that gets under our skin, we’ll usually play it off like it’s no big deal. But it is possible to push a guy away with what you say to him.

Maybe you’re talking about something perfectly neutral like a friend of yours who’s getting married in a couple of months. Or maybe you had a heated discussion about him coming over and spending a little more time with you but it wasn’t a full-blown fight.

Whatever it was, a certain combination of words were exchanged and you don’t know what exactly turned him off. It’s a frustrating position to be in.

So let me help you crack the code on what guys are thinking by showing you the worst things you could say to a guy.

Generally speaking, there are four main styles of communication with guys. And men only respond to one of these styles. So you want to turn off the other three because they turn him off. In fact, this is directly connected to the things you should never say to a guy.

1. Passive Patty.

Communication style number one is Passive Patty.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this person. It’s the “I’m fine” kind of reply that falls into this category. I have found myself in this situation plenty of times and it’s not a fun game to play with somebody.

Since the passive communicator won’t say what she really thinks or wants, the guy is left in the dark trying to figure it out for himself.

Maybe she’s afraid to rock the boat or she holds back on expressing her needs in the relationship, she might be even thinking that it’s better to let stuff slide rather than getting into an ugly confrontation.

The problem is that it’s unhealthy to cover up your thoughts or feelings, especially if it comes to statements like:

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m fine.” It’s cool.”

“Whatever you want.”

Vague statements like that can be toxic to your relationship and they don’t really communicate what you’re saying.

2. Aggressive Annie.

This is the polar opposite of a passive communicator.

Instead of putting her needs on the back burner, the aggressive person will put her as front and center at the expense of other people.

What’s equally toxic about this communication style is that it thrives on conflict, not to mention deliberately making other people uncomfortable.

So instead of being able to say what they really mean, they’re really taking honesty way too far.

After all, she’s just being real with you and you’re likely to hear some classic gems from aggressive Annie.

“It’s my way or the highway.”

“This is how it should be.”

“Don’t like it, there’s the door.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“It’s not my fault if they can’t handle the real me.”

Oh… and then the classic

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

That’s an eye-roller right there.

Obviously, this communication style is especially dangerous during an argument. He’ll be talking over and we’re not listening to him and trying to dominate the discussion. And again, that’s the hallmark of aggressive communication.

3. Passive-Aggressive Pam.

This one is even trickier because it combines the worst parts of the last two we just talked about.

While this communicator knowingly or unknowingly hides their resentment like the passive type, she doesn’t stop there.

Instead of stuffing her feelings down out of sight, she’ll keep it simmering just below the surface. And, you can sense it’s there but it’s almost impossible to deal with.

Even worse, passive-aggressive communicators often include sarcastic comments, saying something under her breath and indirectly undermining the other person.

But passive aggressiveness is thinly disguised contempt. And this makes it really hard for guys to handle. The put-downs and insults aren’t as obvious and this person will often smile even though she’s really seething inside.

A passive aggressive communicator might say things like:

“Well, most guys would take their girl out somewhere nice on their anniversary but I guess you do things differently.”

It’s a disguised insult. Or:

“Oh, you can actually change a tire? Cool!”

…which is a back-handed compliment.

Or another classic, “Can’t you take a joke?” which is hostility disguised with humor.

Passive aggression is particularly nasty and very subtly destructive to your relationship.

4. Assertive communication.

Finally, we’ve come to communication style number four—the good one— which is assertive.

Out of all these styles, this is the one that men find the sexiest. This is the communication style you should choose and shoot for. But why?

After all, women are taught that assertiveness can be seen as bitchy.

In reality, it’s the exact opposite of that. Assertiveness is actually felt as someone expressing what they really want.

The biggest reason that assertiveness is the sexiest is because it’s a healthy expression of your needs. It’s letting your man know your feelings without having to hurt his.

An assertive communicator simply finds the gentle words to use that don’t attack her guy.

This feels good to him since she’s being direct without being too vindictive or manipulative.

Men don’t have to second-guess her words or actions. She knows exactly what to say and do to make him fall for her and it has nothing to do with compatibility. You see, most men unconsciously test a girl to find out if he’s the one.

However, there is one other quality that makes an assertive communicator actually stand out above all the rest. It’s her ability to connect with a guy in a way that no other woman can.

She knows exactly what to say and do to make him fall for her. It has nothing to do with compatibility. Men unconsciously test women to see if she’s the one.

…And if you can figure out his connection style, you’ll effortlessly pass any test he throws at you.

Are you ready to discover how to get him to open up directly from a guy who can tell you what men really think?

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