5 Major Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Cheating. It is the end all be all of the worst things that could possibly happen in a relationship. Statistics show that 57% of all men admit to having been unfaithful in any of their relationships.

That’s a huge percentage of men that have either been driven to or have fallen into infidelity. And while many women feel heartbroken and consider their cheating partners less than dirt they rarely know what drove them to it. But we have compiled a list of reasons why men cheat, and what you can do about it.

1. You’re not fulfilling his emotional needs.

Men are sexual creatures as we all know, but if they feel like they aren’t satisfied emotionally they are just as likely to cheat. It is no fun feeling alone in a relationship, and when a man feels that way he tends to drift into another’s arms. Emotional needs range from being there for your man when something goes wrong, to sharing in the joy of life with him. Nagging, bickering, and negativity all lead a man to feel emotionally void.

2. He doesn’t feel valued.

Treating you significant other like trash every time you speak to them or simply not asking them how they are feeling can create a void emotionally. Of course, this doesn’t mean he requires your undivided attention at all times, he simply just wants to know you want him in his life. Men are much more likely to seek validity outside of your relationship if he feels like he is isn’t wanted.

3. He is sexually dissatisfied.

While only a few actually site sexual dissatisfaction as a reason why they cheated, some do. Most of the time it comes down to a non existence sex life. If the relationship is completely void of any sexual activity it becomes a prison for the man. Reasonable dry spells are one thing, but not having sex on a regular basis can truly be torture. He wants sex but can’t get it from you, and so it may start to wander.

4. He was cheated on.

Any time infidelity is discovered on either side the desire for revenge grows rapidly. Once this happens it is hard to reverse the flood of emotions men go through. It often results in cheating that does not make the situation any better. But if you have cheated on your man expect that he may do the same to you.

5. He wants to feel like he’s still got it.

As men get older they can sometimes feel like they are losing their masculinity. This has a tendency to lead to cheating. If he doesn’t have self-control this could cause an affair to take place. While this is disappointing and hard to think about, mid-life-crisis is a real thing and can often lead to infidelity.

Well there you have it, five reasons why men cheat on women. None of these explanations are excuses for infidelity, but if you know what makes a man cheat you can possibly avoid giving him an excuse to rationalize his actions.

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