4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Boyfriend

4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Boyfriend

Finding and keeping a boyfriend can sometimes be a daunting task. There are so many fish in the sea, but a lot of them come with serious baggage. And finding a great guy amongst the many losers out there can be close to impossible. But to help set you up for success we have researched the best ways to get and keep a boyfriend.

First off, make sure the guy you’re going after is single and not newly separated. Either one of those possibilities will make your chances of landing him as your guy nearly zilch.

Obviously you don’t want to get involved with a guy who’s already in a serious relationship. One that is fresh out of a long term relationship will likely spend most of his time talking about his ex. So steer clear of these two types of men and then you can get started attracting the right kind of guy.

If you find a great guy who catches your eye don’t be afraid to make the first move. Men love women who are strong but also feminine. Make sure you don’t come off too strong but let him know who you are and what you want. Approach the man with a smile and confident body language. Let him know exactly what you want without coming across as desperate. Remember you are awesome and he is probably dying to get to know you anyways.

Engage him and be approachable.

Make him want to talk to you by showing him your kind and caring side. If you be yourself and don’t analyze every bit of the conversation he will likely be drawn to you. Have a few topics in mind that you can talk about before you make the first move. Be prepared to change the subject if things seem to be going nowhere. Be cognizant of your body language and smile at every appropriate opportunity.

Be independent.

The worst thing you could do is be over clingy to any man. If you want to attract a new guy get out there show him what you offer then leave him be. Let him do the chasing. Men want to know you are attracted to them and once you confirm that you are he will be more confident chasing you. This is a mysterious quality that most men are seeking but just don’t know it.

Above all else, be yourself.

Never become something you aren’t just to get a boyfriend. In the long run if you do end up in a serious relationship he will find out what you are really like, so you might as well start out on the right foot. Don’t lose yourself in the chase, it’s not worth it.

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