4 Things You Need to Say to Your Husband Often

4 Things You Need to Say to Your Husband Often

Most men aren’t often super chatty about their feelings. It’s often when they feel hurt or upset that you hear more about what is going on inside their heads.  Unfortunately, this does not give us any clue what to do when things are running smoothly.

Men often yearn to hear certain things from their wives. Often we get into a rut and stop telling each other how we feel about them. Here are four things your husband really needs to hear from you often:

1. How happy he makes you.

Men who are completely in love with and devoted to their wives report that they would walk through fire to make them happy. When you withhold praise or don’t let him know that he pleases you, he starts to feel like he can’t make you happy. This is a big deal for him.

2. How much you respect him.

Respect is vitally important to men. This is something not often mentioned, because it seems so basic to him. He won’t demand or even mention it, but it is vital nonetheless.

3. That you find him attractive.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. Making him feel good about himself only takes as second and has huge benefits. He needs to hear that you still think he’s the most attractive man you can think of. Little compliments like this drive his mind into the bedroom and keep the romance alive.

4. How much that little thing he did made your day.

Regardless if he makes your coffee every single morning, remember to tell him you appreciate it.

As the years wear on in a relationship, partners often begin to take each other for granted. If you’re thinking “well he never says those things to me”, remember that you can only change yourself. The law of reciprocation rules in these kinds of interactions. If you start heaping positivity and praise on your partner, it’s likely that some of that will come back to you.

Even if it doesn’t, it’s a recipe for a better relationship with your husband overall.

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