11 Relationship New Years Resolutions To Spice Things Up

relationship new years resolutions, new years resolutions for couples

While you might be interested in accomplishing a number of things this holiday, it’s important to remember to put your relationship high on your list of things to nurture going into January.

Here are eleven of my favorite relationship New Years resolutions for spicing things up and keeping your relationship fresh.

1. Resolve to put your relationship first.

This is time to schedule a date night, pare back your hours at work and really focus on spending more time with your partner. Give him more attention and stay more dialed in than you have been lately.

2. Put down the phone.

Make a relationship new years resolution this year that you really focus on each other, say from 7-10pm every night, or all day Sunday.

Putting down your phone makes it easier for you to actually connect instead of passing each other every day like ships in the night. When you’re doing a joint activity, it’s much more fun and valuable when you both are 100% present.

3. Work on your communication.

This one sounds boring (and EVERYONE harps on it), but positive communication is really the centerpiece to a good relationship. Make sure that you both take the time to hear each other out and communicate your needs. It’s impossible to meet your partner’s needs and vice versa if you aren’t listening to what they are.

4. Be More Affectionate.

Make sure that you hug and kiss. Make out more often. This leads directly to the next point.

5. Schedule boot knocking.

Resolve to have more intimacy with your partner. Schedule it. While scheduling it doesn’t sound romantic, wouldn’t you like the result of the scheduling? You can look at it two ways.

Either you can dismiss scheduling as a boring chore, or you since you scheduled it, it can be that much more exciting because of the anticipation.

6. Laugh and play together.

Have you stopped laughing with each other? Try and bring back the little jokes from the beginning of your relationship. Watch funny movies together. Goof off. If things have gotten really dry between you, it might take him a little time to catch up but keep a light attitude about things.

7. Be adventurous.

If things have gotten a little mundane, do something fun and silly together, like mini golf or laser tag. If you’ve both been wanting to try a new hobby together, this is the time.

Travel, new interests, saying yes to things should all be the order of the day.

8. Share your praise.

Go out of your way to mention your appreciation the little things that your guy does for you.

Flattery, my dear, will still get you everywhere. Often men are just dying to hear how happy they make you. Share your adoration and compliment him, often.

9. Be Kind.

Tone your critical side way down. While it’s easy to tell him all about what isn’t making you happy, try and pick your battles.  Be nicer to each other.

10. Stop communicating to win.

Instead of falling into the “I MUST WIN” this argument trap, take a step back and honor the fact that you’re on the same team. It’s in people’s nature to want to win arguments but they don’t often think of the costs of that win. Resolve to give him and yourself a break.

11. Stop nagging.

Nagging is a trap. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth mentioning that nagging does not add anything positive to your relationship. If you’ve been after him to do something, now is the time to stand back and think about which battles you really should be fighting.

Not a lot of people say “oh my gosh Elizabeth, it was her incessant nagging that brought us together.” If this is you, cut it out.

Tell me about your New Years resolutions in the comments below!

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