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get your ex back, should I leave my ex alone or keep trying

“I Want The Man Who Is Best For Me, Should I Get My Ex Back?”

Today a reader asks how to get the man who is best for her back into her life. Hi, Elizabeth …

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get another chance

“He Dumped Me After We Got Drunk And Talked About Marriage”

A reader wonders if she can get her ex back after she told him about wanting to get married. Hi Elizabeth, My relationship ended after a …

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how to give a man space, giving a man space, how much time to give him space

How to Give a Man Space: Everything You Need To Know

A reader wonders how to give a man space and whether space will work to bring him closer. “Hi Elizabeth, I’m really confused about something my …

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How To Get A Guy To Call Instead Of Text

Does Just Texting Mean He Isn’t Interested? How To Get A Guy To Call Instead Of Text

Want him to call you more? Here’s how to get a guy to call instead of text especially in the beginning of your relationship as you get to know him.

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bad breakup, move on after breakup, how to feel better after a breakup

Is Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back Likely or Even Possible?

A reader wonders what his chances are of getting back together with his ex girlfriend. Hi Elizabeth, I would like to ask for your honest …

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he didn't feel a spark, how to create a spark

“He Told Me He Didn’t Feel A Spark. What Should I Do?”

Ever been dating someone and wondered why they cut you off? A reader asks how to keep the spark going with a man who told her they weren’t compatible.

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is he saying I'm not right for him, what does my ex mean

“Is My Ex Boyfriend Saying I’m Not Right For Him?”

A reader wonders how to handle it when her ex says she is a good woman but is also dating someone new. Should she bow out or keep seeing him?

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connect with your ex, getting your ex back, emotionally connect with your ex, boundaries

“How Do I Connect With My Ex Who Is Dating Someone New?”

A reader asks how to connect with his ex who has put in a boundary and won’t won’t have emotional conversations since it would offend her boyfriend.

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on-again off-again relationship, make your on-again, off-again relationship work, relationship advice

Here’s What Has To Happen To Make Your On-Again, Off-Again Relationship Work

Can an on-again, off-again relationship work? If you’re struggling with the make-up, break-up cycle, here’s what has to happen to make it work long term.

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make him value you, make him want to commit, make him commit, make him fall in love

5 Ways To Make Him Value You And Want To Commit (Advice From A Guy)

Wondering why guys don’t seem to stick around? Here are 5 powerful ways to make him value you, fall in love and want to commit to you for life.

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