3 Powerful Things That Make A Woman Wife Material


Hi, this is Nicole Elissa with Commitment Connection. Today, we’re going to talk what makes a woman wife material.

This topic is really important because I can see that there’s a lot of misconceptions about this in the dating scene.

What I normally notice is that there’s a lot to talk about how to keep a man and how to look beautiful for a man.

The truth is what really makes you girlfriend or wife material is a lot deeper than that for a man.

Yes, men are visual creatures. They do notice how beautiful a woman is.

It’s true, but physical attraction is not what creates long-term attraction, respect, desire and intimacy in a relationship. It’s way more than that. It has to do with connection, it has to do with values, it has to do with you guys really clicking at a deep level.

How can a woman express herself in a way that really shows that she is girlfriend or wife material?

1. You live your values and integrity with him.

It first starts with you sharing your values as a woman and what is really important to you.

And the difference it makes for you to live authentically and express those values in front of him and when you are not with him.

Men really notice when you are living in integrity with your values.

The fact that not only do you know your values but that you live by them makes a huge difference to a man.

When you step up for your values even with him, that really shows you that you are a woman of your word.

Knowing you live with integrity also brings him peace of mind in many ways.

If another man were to approach you, he knows who you are, he sees you stepping up and he remembers how he had to live up to your values as well— so he has peace of mind around you.

When you clearly communicate your values and you show them to him, he has some peace of mind in many ways because he is inspired to live up to them and he knows who you are.

2. You inspire him.

The second thing that makes a woman wife material is that you inspire him based on who you are, not just in what you do.

We live in a world where we are constantly called as women to measure our worth based on what we’ve achieved, rights or in titles, and all the things we have achieved.

But it’s not just that, it’s who you really are.

It goes back down to what you believe in and if it’s really a match when he sees certain things like your kindness or how you behave or you treat other people or how you treat yourself.

When he sees that about you, it inspires him in many ways.

When you inspire him based on what’s in your heart, then you will notice that he feels really inspired by you and will communicate that to you.

The message here is to really allow yourself to be yourself and not feel like you have to change who you are to please a man.

That’s actually how he loses a little bit of interest in a woman.

I’ve seen it.

When a man sees that you change your word and your belief systems every other moment— whether it’s for him or to please other person— it doesn’t give him peace of mind because it’s important for a man to know who you really are.

That’s inspiring to a man.

3. You respect him.

And the third thing that makes a woman wife material is that you respect him and communicate that respect for who he is and the way that he thinks.

When a man notices that you don’t respect him or the way that he thinks or you’re constantly challenging him, his way of thinking by making it wrong and belittling him, that’s not wife or girlfriend material.

You can disagree on many points and there are ways to communicate that show respect and that you honor him.

This is actually one of the most important points I have to share.

When a man feels respected, then he really sees you as a wife or girlfriend material.

Underneath all of these, what makes a man see you as a girlfriend or wife material is you really owning who you are.

You know that you are girlfriend or wife material.

What helps him see you as wife material is if you don’t change who you are to please him or because you might sense lack or fear that he might leave.

You know you are THE prize.

You know you are a queen.

The more you really hold that energy for yourself, it’s very inspiring to him.

When a man feels inspired, appreciated, accepted and respected by you, that definitely makes you girlfriend or wife material for him.

It shows him that you have a respect for intimacy and relationship.

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