Why A Sex Kitten Is Never ‘Hangry’ Or ‘Twired’


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Recently I shared eight traits of a sex kitten. Each of those traits are ones that I know to the depths of my toes are traits to cultivate if you want to create a daily life that you love. A life that feels authentic, nourishing and supportive.

Though I’m not a fan of dwelling on the negative, I do want to share some traits that do not describe a sex kitten. Darling, a sex kitten is never hangry nor is she twired.

No, I’m not speaking a foreign language or playing with the English language for the fun of it. These are words that you may be hearing about more and more because research is showing they are roadblocks to living a more joyful life.

What’s Hangry?

Pure and simple “hangry” is when you fail to eat, your blood sugar drops, and you lash out at everyone around you. Researchers at Ohio State discovered that Hangry people want to be mean to their spouses.

Why Is A Sex Kitten Never Hangry?

A sex kitten learns to listen to her body and eats when she’s hungry. She doesn’t subscribe to fad diets. She fuels her body with quality food because she knows that she is too important to fill up with crap.

Speaking of anger, a sex kitten knows that if she allows herself to feel, she’s better able to access and process all of her emotions. Anger is an emotion that she knows is often seen as a shadow emotion, but she allows herself to be angry when it’s justified. However, she doesn’t lash out.

Want to know why a sex kitten doesn’t lash out? Because she values her relationships and knows that unconditional love begins with her.

I know it sounds simple, but how often do you skip meals and then hold your feelings inside until you explode? A sex kitten knows that if she wants to be happy or joyful — she just doesn’t get hangry.

What’s Twired?

Pure and simple, “twired” is when you’re exhausted, but too wired to sleep. In our constantly plugged in society, we are sacrificing sleep and feel the need to constantly be connected to our electronic devices. As a result of being overly tired and plugged in, when we go to bed, we’re unable to get quality sleep.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

Why Is A Sex Kitten Never Twired?

She knows that getting adequate sleep is more important that email, Facebook or just one more episode of Mad Men. A sex kitten practices good sleep hygiene. She turns off her electronics at least an hour before bed and allows herself to unwind. She knows that the latest research on sleep is proving that it takes us weeks to make-up for lost sleep.

She cultivates a daily life in real time, not just virtually.

Speaking of being too wired to sleep? A sex kitten knows she has to manage her stress. She moves her body in some way, even if it’s just walking. She meditates and takes time for self-care. She ends relationships with drama queens and kings.

No, darling, a sex kitten doesn’t get twired or hangry because she listens to her body and tends to her needs. She knows that the only way she can serve and care for those she loves is to begin with the most important relationship of all: the one with herself.

It’s not an overnight change to ditch the habits that lead to being hangry or twired. But I have faith that you can do it. Because you, darling, are worth it.

Do you want to find your path to ditching hangry as the norm and stop being twired? Not quite sure where to begin releasing your own inner sex kitten? Darling, I can help!

One of my gifts is that I always see the best in you, even when you can’t. You are never too old to create change in your world.

Are you ready to peel away the need for perfection, strip off the masks you’ve been hiding behind and get in touch with your OWN inner sex kitten?

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Are you ready to peel away the need for perfection, strip off the masks you’ve been hiding behind? It’s time to feel alive again. To be bold, feel sexy and reclaim your confidence. Find out how you can do just that by clicking here now.

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