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A Surprising Feminine Trait That Turns Him OFF (And What To Do Instead)

You might be surprised to know that a normal feminine trait is a turn off to men. Find out what men want instead and how you can attract him more easily.

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save your marriage, happy marriage, repair your marriage

7 Siren Attitudes Men Find Completely Irresistible

What men really want from women can be a completely mystery. Learn the 7 attitudes that are guaranteed to attract a man and bring him closer to you.

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feeling drained and burned out, bad marriage, save my marriage

11 Questions to Ask If Your Marriage Leaves You Feeling Drained And Burned Out

One of the best things about my life is being a partner in a healthy relationship. That partnership is one of the facets that allow …

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acceptance, empathy, emotional connection

Why Acceptance Is NOT About Being A Doormat

Worried unconditionally accepting your partner and being empathetic to them will make you a doormat? Here’s why accepting reality makes you much stronger.

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create a life you love

16 Secrets From Golf That Will Help You Create A Life You Love

One of the first pieces I wrote for my blog was about what I learned about life from my golf coach. There are so many …

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How Do You Get Over Your Past (AND Your Marriage Problems)

Do you feel rejected, neglected and ignored? The secret to saving your marriage might not be what you think. Find out how to fall back in love again.

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Is Your Marriage Crushing You Like A Grape?

Wondering if your marriage can survive? If you’re feeling crushed, sad and are losing hope on whether you can fall back in love, don’t miss this.

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What Time Is It For Your Marriage?

The secret to living a good life might not be what you think it is. Same with having a good relationship. Learn real truth about renewing your marriage.

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saving your marriage

How Your Whole Relationship Could Change So Dramatically (For The Worst)

If you’re wondering what the heck happened to your relationship and why it seems to be going from bad to worse, find out why and how to fix it now.

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saving your marriage

The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs and Saving Your Marriage

If you’re struggling to save your marriage, don’t miss out on finding out why your relationship is a lot like the goose that laid the golden eggs.

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