12 Reasons Why Busy Is Toxic And You Need To Slow Down IMMEDIATELY


stop being busy

It’s time to stop worshipping at the altar of busy.

Though it’s been a long time since I was a Girl Scout, I remember a thing or two about earning badges. I don’t believe there’s a badge for “busy”, and yet it’s a trait we all seem to lust after now as adults.

Let’s be honest, here: “busy” has become the new black. There is rarely a person I talk with who doesn’t say he or she is busy.

Sometimes, it seems as if people are vying to win the contest of who is the busiest.

Trust me, darling, there’s no prize for that contest.

Want to know a secret to becoming enchanted with your life?

“Busy” leads to burnout.

In fact, kitten, here’s the truth about “busy” as a lifestyle:

1. Busy disconnects us from those that we love.

When you’re rushing from here to there, there’s no time for our partners, children, family or friends.

Busy becomes an excuse to not spend time with people we love.

2. Busy becomes your answer to “how are you.”

This disconnects you from your body’s natural GPS system: your feelings!

3. Busy is a form of numbing.

Just like alcohol or overeating numbs us to living life, busy keeps us from feeling.

4. Busy squashes joy.

When you numb the icky feelings you may be trying to avoid by being busy all the time, you also numb your ability to feel the good stuff!

5. Busy becomes an excuse not to take care of ourselves.

We eat fast food instead of cooking and skip things like regular doctor visits.

6. Busy pushes us to do more.

In the process, we forsake the things we need to stay healthy, like adequate sleep.

7. Busy leads to exhaustion.

Our bodies aren’t meant to be on the go 24/7. Not only do we need rest, but we also need play!

8. Busy doesn’t equal worthy.

No matter how much you do in a day, life will never be perfect.

9. Busy becomes our identity.

We buy into the idea that if we aren’t busy, we will be seen as lazy, unambitious or as an underachiever. So we fill our schedules indiscriminately.

10. Busy leads to drama.

When we’re on the edges of burnout, we’re more likely to make mountains out of molehills.

11. Busy distracts us from our dreams and goals.

12. Busy is addicting.

We don’t know how to relax or what to do with our idle time, so we fill it.

Do you recognize yourself in this list? Oh, darling, you are not alone.

What can you do if busy has become your identity and you’re ready to ditch busy as a badge of honor?

Keep reading to learn 12 Ways To Lovingly Reclaim Your Time and Quit Being So Busy.

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Originally published at YourTango.com. Republished with permission from the author.
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