Have you been up nights wracking your brain, trying to figure out why your guy lost interest in you?

are you tired of picking up the pieces in your love life?

does every guy you like disappear into thin air with zero explanation?

ever been excited to tell your friends that you finally met someone great, only to be mortified when the relationship fizzled?

are you sick of having relationships "fail to launch?"

do you wish you could be like "those girls" who seem to have all the luck with men?

  • 5 Must-Have Traits You Need To Cultivate in Order To Get and Keep His Interest (Chapter 1)
  • One Thing You Absolutely MUST NOT DO if you Want To Keep Him Coming Back For More (Chapter 3)
  • Where Your Relationship Is Most Likely To Get Stuck and Why (Chapter 3)
  • How To Be The Only One Who "Gets" Him, Cementing Him Into Your Life Forever (Or As Long As You Want Him) (Chapter 5)
  • Why You Must Give Him Space To Keep Him Around For The Long Term (Chapter 5)
  • Much, much more.

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