5 Crucial Things You Need To Know About Online Dating Safety For Men

online dating safety for men

Almost everything you hear about staying safe online is directed at women– but guys can be victims too.

The predators come in all sizes and shapes, and can obviously be male or female. Online dating safety for men is important too.

Use these five tips to keep your life running smoothly.

1. Don’t tell her everything right away.

Most people are already aware that it isn’t a great idea to give out lots of personal information to people you don’t know. The reason for not doing so is as large as the number of strangers who want that data.

If you run across a person who is giving out too much personal data and asking you to do the same, stay away. If they are trying to dig for personal facts, just keep your guard up. It could be harmless but time will tell what her real intentions are.

Giving away too much too soon will not be for your advantage. Though it can seem safe, guys should also be on guard about their home addresses, place of employment and phone numbers.

Just keep it to yourself until you know her well enough to be sure that she is safe to share more information with. The last thing you want is for her to steal your identity or lose her mind and start stalking you if you decide not to see her anymore.

Also, keep your social media relatively mundane and private, even you decide to accept her friend requests or attempts to connect with your profile. Actually, this is a good chance to look at her stuff and check if it seems legit, so social media goes both ways.

2. Keep your hands on your wallet.

Be wary of penniless women who may want a handout.

If she asks for funds, in any of a dozen ways people ask for money, cut the relationship off immediately. If she seems like she wants financial help instead of love or friendship, then follow your gut instincts and run. If you start out with her using you now, just imagine how bad it could get in the future if you decide to have sex with her… and she happens to get pregnant.

3. Make sure her contact info is above board.

If a woman gives you her phone number but you cannot ever reach her at that number, be careful. She might not be telling the truth about herself if she always requests that you text to get her to call back from another number.

Even though people don’t call each other first that often anymore, if she seems shady, give her a quick call to say hello and just see what happens. You might find out more than you would expect.

4. Watch out for quick commitment.

If she is pushing to get married too quickly or if she shows consistent insecurity and neediness, this is another cause to be worried. If the woman is trying too hard for a commitment you aren’t ready to make, this could be a good time to head for the closest emergency exit.

5. Pay attention to details.

If she says something, follow up later with questions about it. If she’s confused or doesn’t remember telling you these things about herself, be wary. She might be lying or somehow fudging the truth. Truthful people keep their stories straight.

Online dating safety for men seems boring UNTIL you’re having a problem. Stay safe out there.

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