5 Signs A Guy Will Ghost You (And What To Do About It)

Today we’re going to be talking about five signs a guy will ghost you.

Maybe you’ve met a guy and have gone out on a couple of dates and you’re worried he’s going to leave you high and dry and ‘poof!’ vanish on you.

So, what are some signs that he might ghost you? Let’s go ahead and get started.

1. You can’t reliably get ahold of him.

Maybe you sent him a text message, an email, or called him. Maybe it takes him three or four days or sometimes even a week to even get back to you. That means that the connection between the two of you is starting to pull apart, right?

Maybe the first couple of times you contact each other, it takes him a little while to get back to you because there’s this guy logic that you don’t contact a girl until a couple of days after you first meet her, right?

But, once a guy starts to get in contact with you, usually that basic guy mythology burns off unless he is some weird pickup artist or something like that.

Usually, after one or two interactions or dates, his reluctance to respond to you relatively quickly will go away.

He won’t have a hard time contacting you back when you send him a message or call him. It won’t be a big deal. But, if it becomes a long-term pattern, then that’s a sign that he might be about to ghost you because there’s no real connection there holding you together.

So if he regularly takes a really long time to respond to you, that’s the first sign a man might ghost you.

2. He cancels dates on you regularly.

You two might make plans to get together tomorrow or sometime and he might call you out of the blue and says something like, “Hey, I’m sorry. Something came up. I can’t make it.”

And, sure, something might have come up. Maybe he was really busy with something. But if this is a regular occurrence and happens very often, then it does also signify that he’s moving further and further away from you and that he might be about to vanish on you in the near future.

So, canceling plans regularly is something that you want to be on the lookout for when you’re worrying that a guy might ghost you.

3. You haven’t been opening up to each other.

The third sign a man might ghost is that the two of you haven’t really been opening up to each other when you’re connecting or interacting.

By opening up and connecting with each other, I mean on an emotional level.

Maybe he’s been a little bit guarded around his emotions. Maybe he hasn’t been opening up to you in like big and meaningful ways or maybe vice versa. Maybe you haven’t really been opening up. Maybe you haven’t been very transparent with him because maybe you didn’t want to blow it and do or say something stupid to scare him off.

So, if either one of you isn’t really opening up or connecting on an emotional level, then that can show there isn’t really that much of a connection there and he might be starting to drift away from you.

4. Most of your interactions have been based on sex.

The fourth sign that he might be about to disappear is if your interactions have been primarily focused on sex.

Oftentimes, people will try to prioritize sex in the beginning of dating or a new relationships. Either because they want to really cement in the idea that this person is actually attracted to me, actually finds me physically desirable. Or that they’re not in the friend zone because they think if you can get a guy to have sex with you then you can snare him into a relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with sex. I’m not saying that in any fashion, whatsoever.

But, if you prioritize sex to the point that you aren’t focusing on nurturing the emotional connection between the two of you and instead, you’re just nurturing the physical, sexual side, then there is a very big risk that that emotional connection might not be there and he could start to drift away from you.

So that’s definitely something you want to avoid by making sure that you address the emotional side as well.

5. You’re focused on the relationship’s future potential, not him.

The fifth sign he could ghost is that you are more focused and zeroed in on the potential of what might be there between you and him over what is actually there in reality, right?

You might be busy dreaming about the two of you becoming a couple, fantasizing about moving in together, getting married, and any of those things, right?

But if what’s actually there in reality doesn’t match up or isn’t aligning  with that and it’s more this disjointed series of casual meet ups that don’t really seem to be adding up to anything then that’s something to be concerned about.

You’re not actually there with him to be able to notice these things because you’re off in your head thinking about how great this relationship would be if only you could get him to commit or if only you could work through this initial “phase.”

Instead, you’re focusing more on the potential of what might be there.

When you’re not in the present moment, you’re not connecting. You’re in your mind daydreaming about how great this relationship would be if the two of you would actually commit rather than actually noticing what’s actually going on in reality.

Again, this is really all about your emotional connection with him.

All five of these things revolve around making sure the emotional connection between you and him is tight. That’s what you want to prioritize and focus on more so than sex or anything else. 

So, make sure that you prioritize opening up, being vulnerable and the emotional connection between the two of you.

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If you have any comments or questions, go ahead and leave a comment down below. And, guys, if you’re reading this, please leave a comment down below about what has made you want to ghost a woman in the past. Go ahead and get the discussion started.

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