5 Annoying Signs You’re Totally In The Friendzone

Today we’re going to be talking about five signs you are in the friendzone. There’s nothing worse than meeting somebody and being really attracted to them but going straight in the friendzone.

Maybe you get their phone number. You call them up and you go out on a couple of dates and you’re really digging this person. You think, “This is great. I think that we might actually end up in a relationship together. I think we might end up being like boyfriend or girlfriend or something.”

And then suddenly, boom!

You find out you are in the friend zone and that’s a terrible let down.

It’s a big disappointment. Oftentimes, a lot of people spend a lot of time and effort trying to get out of the friend zone but that’s a topic for another day.

Let’s first talk about how to know if you’re in the friend zone.

1. They don’t flirt with you.

The first sign you are in the friendzone is that there is zero romantic undertone or flirting going on in your interactions.

There’s zero flirting, zero talk about romantic things. You’re not talking about going to that fancy romantic restaurant that’s really popular in your city. You’re not talking about going there. She’s not playing footsy with you under the table. There’s nothing going on like that.

So, that’s a big sign you are in the friendzone because it means that intellectually speaking, she is not envisioning you in a romantic context.

Now, if you’re a guy, there is some responsibility on you to set a romantic tone. So, if you’re setting that tone and it’s all falling flat then that’s a big sign right there.

But, if you’re doing nothing romantic or trying to flirt and there’s no romantic tone happening, chances are you’re probably also going to end up in a friend zone if you have not already ended up there.

You haven’t polarized her to the point where she’s gotten a chance to either decide, “This is somebody I’m attracted to.” Or, “This is somebody I’m not attracted to.” And if you don’t polarize and set the tone, she’s going to just eventually put you in a friend zone anyway. So, you have to be wary if you aren’t making the effort to flirt or set a romantic tone with her.

2. They openly discuss other people they are attracted to.

If the woman talks a lot about other guys that she finds really attractive who have asked her out or that may be are dating her, then that’s a good sign that you’re in the friend zone.

I know sometimes men will do this sort of thing in order to make it seem like they’re desirable and then to spark jealousy or some other BS like that.

But women don’t usually do that, especially if she says something like, “I went out on a date with somebody.”

If she says, “Oh, hey! This guy asked me out.” Then she might be trying to make you jealous because she’s showing you she’s desirable but not actually going on the date.

But, if she says, “I think that guy is really hot.” or “I went out on a date with this guy.” Then no, that’s not her trying to make you jealous. That’s not her trying to egg you on.

That means you’re in the friend zone.

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3. They try to set you up with their friends.

Sign number three you’re being friendzoned is if she tries to set you up with her friends or strongly encourages you to date other women then that is a sign that you’re in the friend zone.

If she was like really mad about you, she would try to lock you down herself. She wouldn’t be trying to shove you into someone else’s arms or encourage you to get into a relationship with somebody else.

4. There’s no physical contact between you.

Sign number four is if there’s no physical contact between the two of you.

I’m not talking about the hug when you say hello and goodbye to each other. I’m talking about affection— you’re not holding hands. You’re not kissing. You’re not locking arms when you walk down the street or anything like that.

They might have some issues with physical touch but there’s probably a good chance you’re in the friendzone if there’s not even something like a good old, playful elbow jab or touch.

They don’t really see you as a physical person. So they’re not interacting with you in a physical way, which means there’s no physical attraction between the two of you.

5. You’re over-invested in doing things for them.

The fifth of my signs you are in the friend zone is if you are way, way, way, way, way over-invested in her doing lots of favors for them.

You know, driving her here and there, taking her dog for a walk, helping her with whatever she’s working on, a project, taxes, homework, whatever it might be. And, there’s zero or very little return in your investment. You know you’re not getting much back out of it.

It’d be one thing if you’re doing a favor for her and then she did a favor for you and things are nice and even. But if it’s just you doing all these things for her and you’re getting nothing back but, “Hey thanks. I’m going to go out on a date with this guy over here, this total jerk” then, sorry but you’re in the friend zone.

Again, she doesn’t reciprocate the investment that you’re putting in. And the more that you continue to invest, the worse it’s just going to make things.

This has been the five signs that you’re in the friend zone. I hope that you’re not recognizing yourself in any of these because I know that being in the friend zone really sucks and I would hate it if you were in the friend zone.

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