Is Your Partner Cheating On You? Check Out These Surefire Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship

Wondering if your partner could be cheating on you?  You may have a reason to be worried if you notice these tell-tale signs, such as your partner beginning to stay at the office later, becoming involved in a lot of business meetings, or beginning to hang out with friends more often.

There are some other more sneaky signs of cheating in a relationship that you should be aware of.

If your partner is spending money that can’t be explained– it’s time to be suspicious. If your partner suddenly stops letting you see the bills, tries to keep the bills from you by putting them in a secure location, isn’t honest about the bill amounts, disposes of the bills, or starts having them arrive at a different location– this is a huge red flag that they might be unfaithful.

If their disposition or temperament changes drastically, then this could be considered another sign of cheating in a relationship. You may have a legitimate reason to be concerned if your partner stops wanting to participate in family functions, starts fighting over money, starts staying purposely away from you, suddenly loses interest in your children, stops wanting to work, changes interests or activities, becomes protective and defensive if asked to communicate about possible problems, or seems bewildered or upset.

A frequent and usual sign of cheating is if your partner’s regular activities change. When their normal habits become different for no apparent reason, this could be a bad sign. If you discover certain things in your partner’s vehicle such as note cards, presents, or wrapping paper, then you may have a cheating partner.

Due to the fact that a cheating partner will want to hide pictures, numbers, and purchase receipts, you should be concerned if your partner seems secretive with his or her wallet, laptop, phone, or calculator.

Another bad sign is if your partner starts getting home later than usual with the aroma of alcohol on them. It’s cliche, but the same goes for new or different perfume or cologne that is different than what they normally use.

Your partner might start arguments, leave the house in a rage, refuse to spend time with you, push you to spend more time with your friends, not wear their wedding bands, come home smelling unusual, change clothing styles, and change personal hygiene habits.

They might be showing signs of cheating if they are never accessible to phone calls and claim to be at the office extra hours and on the weekends. Usually, people’s phone and computer habits may change considerably when they are cheating. Your partner may begin staying up late on a regular basis and using the computer while you are asleep.

Other signs of cheating are if your partner sets up a secret email account or gets and responds to secret texts at unusual times of the day or evening.

It is a bad sign if your partner stops trying to communicate within your relationship. An unfaithful partner will sometimes become harsh, insulting, or degrading. In order for your partner to justify their actions, your partner may actually accuse you of cheating. You may have cause for concern if your partner begins spending the night in a different room, changes sexual habits, or keeps up with your activities in order to keep the affair a secret.

The most important thing to consider is to listen carefully to your intuition.  Although it’s hard to distinguish between intuition and imagination, you should not ignore your strong feelings of suspicion.

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