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5 Powerful Steps To Moving On From Your Failed Relationship

Feel heartbroken and sad about your breakup? Moving on, getting over it and letting go is hard. Here are 5 steps to feeling better after your breakup.

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9 Solid Ways To AVOID Reaching Out To Your Ex This Holiday Season

Dealing with a breakup, separation, or divorce is challenging, but it can seem even harder to deal during the holiday season. We grow up believing …

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So… Are You REALLY Ready To Start Dating After Your Breakup?

If I could invent a pill that would cure heartbreak, I would be a rich woman. Some of my clients will even jokingly ask me …

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signs of a bad relationship, signs it's over

7 Subtle Signs It’s Over And Staying Together Is A Waste Of Time

Do you feel disconnected and unhappy in your relationship? Worried that things aren’t going well? Here are 7 red flag signs it’s over and will never work.

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what to do if he has a bad attitude, what to do when he pulls away, when a man gets distant

One Unfortunate Reason Why Men Lose Interest In The Beginning

Afraid that he’s lost interest in dating you? Find out why men lose interest in the beginning and learn exactly what you can do to attract him to you again.

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should I call my ex, should you call your ex

DANGER: Why Betraying Your Own Needs Will RUIN Your Relationship

If you’re waiting around, hoping that your partner will miraculously figure out your needs in the relationship, you’re betraying yourself AND them.

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9 Important Lessons On Rekindling The Sexy Spark In Your Marriage

9 Important Ways to Rekindle The Sexy Spark In Your Marriage

They say sex is like riding a bicycle: once you know how to do it, you never forget. While I agree with that statement in …

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If You're Feeling Negative and Sad, Here's How To Kick It, ASAP

If You’re Feeling Negative and Sad, Here’s How To Kick It, ASAP

Today, let’s talk about about how to feel happier, right away, without having to book a trip to Tahiti or win the lotto. Whether you’re …

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Why Your Relationship REALLY Ended and How To Get Closure

Why Your Relationship REALLY Ended and How To Get Closure

Throughout the course of your life, it’s common for other people to do puzzling, confusing, strange and odd things that you don’t exactly understand when …

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signs he's a jerk, signs a man is a jerk

8 Reasons Bad Boys Are So Darn Addictive And How To Quit Them

Among the frustrating patterns that we can experience is the allure of the infamous bad boy. So why do we like them? What’s so freaking …

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