How To Move On And Forget A Man You Love (Once And For All)

Today, I’m going to share how to move on and forget a man you love.

I know this is a topic that can bring up a lot of turmoil for you and, or you probably have come to terms that it’s time for you to move on and you find that you have a lot of feelings about this. 

I want to help you really create the space so that you can move forward and feel good about your decision.

1. Don’t let your breakup affect your self worth.

It’s important to not make what happened in the relationship mean something about you and let it affect your sense of esteem or self-worth.

So if a man cheated on you or he moved on to a different person or things just weren’t working out, it’s important to not go into a place of blame or self-beat up or make yourself wrong.

You’re always worthy.

You’re always worthy and amazing and deserving of love.

And the more you can be grounded in that and remember that, the better you will feel.

So that if a man leaves, then you don’t let that affect your sense of self-worth.

Even if there are things you could have done better, then you give yourself the grace to learn them now and know that life has you, life loves you and you’re going to get another opportunity.

When we go into beating ourselves up or we blame ourselves, we don’t allow ourselves to have a new experience because we are shaming and making ourselves wrong. That is the number one thing that I believe is so important.

It’s so essential to never question your sense of self-worth.

2. Forgive.

The second thing that is going to help you really get into a place where you can move on is to forgive the experience and forgive what happened.

I’ve noticed that when we don’t forgive, we don’t really fully process it and we can hold resentments and energies of blame.

Let’s say you’re going to date another person.

You might project some of those experiences onto your new relationship and that’s why it’s really important that sometimes people wait like a certain amount of time before they start dating another person.

Or if a man is interested in dating you, he will want to know if you have already processed that old relationship because a new man doesn’t want to pay for the mistakes of what happened in a past relationship.

You want to have a certain fierceness about yourself, your vision of love and what you are committed to creating in your life.

I say the word “committed” with intention because dealing with relationships and the ups and downs of meeting people or having real issues that does not work out, when you don’t have that level of commitment of the vision and the love that you desire to create for yourself then you can go up and down in your energy and sometimes forget your vision and start to think you cannot have it or it’s not possible or you’ve already tried.

When you commit to knowing and creating the relationship that you deserve and to attracting it, then even when you go through a breakup and you have to let go of a man you love, you’re still committed.

You’re still committed to yourself first and creating the love that you want. You know that life has you.

That commitment will ground you and support you a lot.

It’s important to be committed and have a fierceness about your vision so that you’re always connected and you allow it to happen– rather than thinking that it’s a “possibility” thing or a random thing that you “might” find somebody or maybe not.

If we want something, we really find a way to have it and that is true in all cases. So it’s important for you to stay fiercely committed to your vision.

3. Have gratitude for the relationship and the ending.

The last piece I want to say about how to move on and forget a man you love might be a little bit weird to share.

If you can find gratitude for the relationship, for the way in which you showed up for it and gratitude that it’s over, then you can move on and allow yourself to have more.

If you two were in the right fit for each other, if you can have gratitude for it, you know that there is space for him and that’s even better for you.

Gratitude shows more than anything your belief in love and that life has you. Because you have that strong belief, you can let go of what isn’t serving you and allow the space for what will work in the future.

You have to have that strong connection with the universe or life or however you want to call it and know that you are always loved.

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