Need… A Specialist?

Do you feel rejected, neglected and downright resentful?

Worried you’ll never figure out how to have the kind of loving, sweet, devoted relationship you’ve always wanted?

Ever worry that maybe deep down, there might be something wrong with you?

Ever wonder how your friends seem to effortlessly maintain the kind of loving relationships you really want but never seem to get… at least for very long?

If you’ve ever thought there must be something more to love that you’re missing out on, you’re in luck.

I specialize in helping you solve that sick, sad feeling of rejection— once and for all— so you don’t keep feeling like a neglected toy that keeps getting tossed aside.

And… who am I?

Elizabeth StoneI’m Elizabeth Stone, author, coach and founder of Attract The One.

A few years ago, I thought my life was SET.

I had succeeded at online dating and fielded several proposals before marrying a wonderful man in a gorgeous wedding set in the Colorado mountains.

He proposed with a beautiful ring during a cruise he planned for my 30th birthday. We adored each other and it felt like life was turning out just the way I had fantasized when I was a little girl.

The venue looked like a castle from a fairy tale.

Many of my guests said it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to— and I wholeheartedly agreed.

But… like many journeys, this one didn’t turn out quite the way I planned.

A few months after the wedding, we made our 5th move in 3 years across the country to singlehandedly open a large branch of his family’s business in a small town where we knew no one.

To say we underestimated the strain this would put on our relationship is like comparing the Titanic to a row boat.

Because he felt compelled to meet his family’s unrealistic expectations, he doggedly traveled back and forth between our local branch and his family’s other places in Colorado.

I stayed in our new home and tried to cope with the long hours, long distance marriage and brutal exhaustion from struggling to keep my own small business alive and survive in his.

To compound our problems, attempting to harmoniously blend our relationship with his eccentric family’s 100 year old, multi-generational business brought our once sweet union to it’s knees.

We fought constantly.

The sweet man I married was gone— replaced with a stressed-out, angry person who never wanted sex anymore.

I begged him to take more time off for us to see each other and connect but I couldn’t ever seem to get through to him.

At first, I tried being cute and flirting to attract him. He didn’t seem to notice me at all.

As the time wore on, I became more depressed than I ever had been in my life.

Pretty soon, the grinding resentment and sexual denial made me wonder if I had made a mistake by getting married at all.

When he did come home, he was so tired that we barely spoke— and if we did, we managed to argue.

I nagged and he withdrew.

… And the more he withdrew, the louder, meaner and more disrespectful I became.

If we managed to have fun together during the rare times we saw each other, he would soon have to leave on yet another business trip.

My whole life felt like a cruel joke.

As our problems stacked up, our romantic connection disappeared.

The life we shared back when we first fell in love slowly vanished, leaving a sad, empty space that never felt like home.

The pictures from the opening ceremony for his business (which took us 2 years longer to open than we originally planned), reflected back an exhausted woman who was 75 pounds heavier and looked a decade older than I last remembered.

We had both tried soothing our stress and anxiety by building walls of blubber that only served to push each other further away.

While we had planned on starting a family, the idea of having children with this stranger who no longer seemed to care about my feelings terrified me.

I was afraid that his priorities would keep being something besides our family and I would end up becoming a single mother in all but name.

Luckily, we burned the whole thing down.

It all came to head the day after he came home from a grueling, 6 week long business trip.

He was done.

Devastated and reeling, I searched high and low for real, effective help saving my marriage.

Divine intervention appeared in the form of a gifted, salty, 91 year-old counselor who had seen it all and completely changed my world in ridiculously short amount of time.

I alchemized this new, deeper knowledge into helping my clients get amazing, connected love and deeper, more soulful connections.

I lost 80 pounds, re-imagined my thriving business and found delicious new love within a few short months.

These days, I affectionately call my ex my Wasband— because over the years (and as a direct result of my own inner work) we have chosen to successfully nurture a friendship.

We meet for enjoyable lunches and discuss what’s happening in our lives. He eventually met a new woman who he affectionately cherishes.

I found delicious new love and have delighted in creating the kind of amazing, heaven-on-Earth relationship I knew was out there waiting for me.

What Does This Mean For You?

Maybe you’re trying to get back together or want to call in the love of your life— but you’re confused and tired of feeling bitter, rejected, disrespected and ashamed.

Maybe you keep trying to “fix things” with someone you deeply care about. For awhile, things seem okay and maybe even “pretty good”– but you keep sinking back into a feeling of desperate, gnawing lovelessness that won’t seem to go away.

It’s time to change all of that.

So… who must you be for us to speak?

Simply put, I’m selective. I only work with humans who turn me on.

You’re ready to get the love you have always wanted and truly deserve.

You are willing to make big changes in your entire life, love, inner being and energy.

You want to invest yourself completely (emotionally, spiritually and physically) in your transformation.

My one-on-one packages start at $3,500 and up. If you’re selected for a call and we’re right for each other, I will be accepting your initial payment immediately, so please be prepared to dig in and get started.

What I require and assign as non-negotiable homework will probably terrify, challenge and excite you.

Luckily, you enjoy challenges and it’s time to rise.

Once you fill out the application below, my assistant will be in touch over email with your options.

Your information is for my eyes only and will determine whether or not we speak, so please choose your answers very carefully.

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