How to Give a Man Space: Everything You Need To Know


How To Give A Man Space

A reader wonders how to give a man space.

“Hi Elizabeth,

I’m really confused about something my boyfriend said and I was hoping you could help. After a wonderful weekend together, I didn’t hear from him like normal on Monday (we usually text every day) so I texted him on Tuesday. I asked what happened on Monday— and he told me he needs space. He really hurt my feelings.

He still texted me first the rest of the week. I didn’t bring anything up with him because after he told me that, I got scared he was pulling away and didn’t know what to do. We usually see each other every weekend and he hasn’t made plans.

How do I give him space? Does him wanting space mean he’s pulling away or losing interest in me and our relationship??”

Okay, I’ve been EXACTLY where you are and I know how crappy and vulnerable you feel right now, especially after you had such closeness going on before he told you that he wanted a little breathing room.

What you’re going through is really common. After an intense time of closeness, healthy men need space.

Just the same, when a guy says, “give me space” it can mean a lot of different things. It can feel confusing and hurtful. I get it.

Let’s go over why men need space and then what to do when he asks for space.

Also, some readers might wonder what to do when a man wants space during a breakup. I’ve included that too.

Let’s do this.

Why Men Need Space

A man’s need for space can feel confusing and hurtful. It feels like rejection.

It can feel like he’s saying that the close time you spent together didn’t matter to him, or he didn’t enjoy it. When we get close to a man, we want that closeness to continue the same way so we feel safe and secure in the relationship. 

When a man experiences this kind of intense closeness with a woman, he enjoys it for a while,  but it eventually raises his anxiety levels.

This is why men withdraw after they have spent a lot of intense time with a woman who they feel close to. They need a breather to get back to equilibrium.

A man’s natural process of coming close to a woman and then stepping back before coming close again is completely normal for him.

For women, closeness represents emotional security. And chemically, we can handle a steady dose of it, so the fact that it doesn’t work for him feels like veiled rejection.

The real problems begin when we take his need for space personally and start trying to force closeness or  fix it. All of these “solutions” imply there is a problem.

What NOT To Do When A Guy Wants Space

Don’t automatically take it personally.

Don’t plot with your girlfriends about how to bring him closer.

Don’t obsess about his reasons or repeatedly ask him what’s wrong. If you feel you absolutely must, you can ask him once. If he says “nothing,” drop it.

I have personally sabotaged relationships by freaking out and trying desperately to bring a man closer when all I really should have done was given him space. I understand the tendency to worry. How you handle his need for space is absolutely crucial.

Guys don’t usually even consciously realize they need space until you either complain or he feels completely suffocated. If you push him for more closeness, it will make him feel like his natural impulses are wrong and drive him away.

That’s why drawing attention to the fact that he’s become a little bit harder to connect with will only hurt you. He’ll start thinking you are the problem!

This is how men get spooked and pull away for good!

I don’t mean you should walk on eggshells with him either. While he has his alone time, just go about your own business as usual. My favorite strategy for when a man pulls away is to pause, distract and manage my emotions.

How To Give A Man Space

Simple (but NOT easy). Give him as much time and space as he wants.

Back away and immerse yourself in your own hobbies, goals and life.

The more emotionally centered you can stay at all times— not just when you feel close to him— the better your relationship (and life) will be.

Getting upset when a man takes time to himself is a huge sign that you need to nurture yourself. Enjoy your time and freedom while you’re away from him.

If you confront him about backing off when you haven’t done anything wrong, he will get a needy, dependent vibe from you and you’ll get even less closeness.

Does The Fact That He Told Me He Wants Space Mean That He’s Losing Interest?

The fact that he had to actually speak the words, “I want space” isn’t a good sign.

When it comes to wanting alone time, men usually use their actions before their words. This is because most guys older than 22 have had a woman confront them about “not spending enough time together” at some point in their relationship history.

Luckily, your relationship might be salvageable depending on how you act right now.

Keep in mind that he’s telling you that his needs aren’t being met. To meet his needs, all you have to do is back off!

Up until now, he has probably already tried to show you through distancing action that he wants a little alone time and you’ve either confronted him about it or repeatedly pushed for more than he wants to give. You can turn this around, but you’ve got to back way off and let him come to you.

Let Him Come To You

Don’t keep checking on how he’s doing. He may rejoin you when he’s ready as long as you can maintain emotional detachment about the whole situation.

Space in relationships is a little like stretching a rubber band. He will eventually snap back and come close again as long as you don’t release the tension by chasing him. Just do your thing and remember:

He is not a pot that you are bringing to a boil.

He must decide on his own to come out of his hole. The more you push, the more he’ll resist your attention and the worse you will both feel about each other and your relationship.

How Long Should You Give A Man Space?

As long as he needs.

Generally, the more intense things have been between the two of you, the more of a breather he might need.

When He Needs Space After Breaking Up

Up until this point I’ve been talking about how to give a man space when you’re either dating or in a relationship with him.

That was about good, healthy space and letting your man recharge. If you’re still together, give him that good space whenever he wants it.

If he has broken up with you and given you the “I need space” line as part of the breakup speech, I have some real talk for you.

He could have told you that he wants space.

He could have told you that he wants to date Jennifer the bartender.

He could have said that he’s feeling conflicted right now and can’t get his shit together.

Hear me now:

The fact that he told you he wants space does not matter.

Do not tell yourself that giving him space now means that there is hope for your relationship in the future.

I don’t want to break your heart, but when a man says he wants space during a breakup, that’s a gentle way of telling you he wants “forever space” to live without you.

You must leave him alone. Go no contact with him. Leave him in the dust to miss you. Don’t wait around, hoping that the situation will change or that he’ll forget that he dumped you after he “finds himself.”

Consider the relationship over and move on.

In the future, reflect on whether or not you might have been a tad clingy and don’t do that with the next guy. Lick your wounds, tie up your unfinished business and leave him alone.

Have you been asking yourself what you did that made him create distance?

Weirdly, men are just as emotional as women.

I know it sounds strange but it’s true.

The problem is that men aren’t as emotional as often.

When they experience feelings that they don’t understand, they tend to pull away from a woman.

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Has your guy told you that he wants space? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Marina

    July 14, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    Yes he did and I am confused…He said he wants a break and need space and he wants to call me maybe next week.He thinks I expect a little more than he can give..He loves me but not the way he thinks I want him to love me…He doesnt know what he really wants..going through an ugly divorce and going to lose a lot makes him matter how loving I am towards him still he gets frustrated over very simple things.

    • Lucy

      August 31, 2017 at 9:41 am

      I’m going through same thing my lover needs space he just separated from his wife and daughters who are in college gave him a really hard time. They came to find out their mother had an affair first but played victim of course!!! He’s been through a lot he doesn’t expect me to wait but I want to!! How long do I give him. He only texts me if I send a text. I gave him 10 days no communication but he still seems angry. Any little thing sets him off

      • Britney Becker

        September 2, 2017 at 12:22 pm

        Honestly I would move on there are millions of men in this world don’t waste your time and move on to the next one

  2. Candice Trites

    August 18, 2017 at 5:59 am

    We live together. He needs space after us taking a great vacation and coming back to start a new job. He says he still loves me. Doesnt want either of us to move. He looked at me tonight and said “how could i break up with you”. Ive been so hurt the last week and have acted like its a break up. The beginning of the end. Now im wondering if i messed up? If I accidentally pushed this into a break up. We talked about having separate rooms to give him more space. What now? Am i holding on to hope for nothing. Can I save this.

    • Elizabeth Stone

      August 18, 2017 at 9:34 am

      Tell him he’s right that you should both take space, give him all the space he wants, act happy about it and occupy yourself with your own goals and hobbies.

      I’m 100% serious. Agree with him, stop trying to save your relationship and literally, let go of trying to do anything except make yourself happy. Just let him do his thing. Don’t initiate any more deep talks about the relationship.

  3. Leslie

    October 10, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    We have been arguing and he says he needs space but we hang out everyday. He says he loves me and doesn’t want me out of his life but doesn’t know if he wants to be with me or not right now. Should I just give him space or just move on all together.

  4. Lily

    November 21, 2017 at 12:13 pm


    My boyfriend and I are literally so great together. We happened Unexpectedly and we tell each other that we are the best thing that have ever happened to one another. Out of no where, one night he asked me if he makes me happy which in then turned to him wanting space and hour before that conversation got brought up he said he love me too. However, I gave him space, didn’t call, text or anything. He texted me yesterday saying let’s meet tonight when he gets off work so we can talk. I’m so worried that the love of my life is gonna break up with me. Our relationship majority of the time is all good, we rarely ever fight. What do you think is going through his mind?

  5. Aileen

    December 20, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    I met him sometime lst week. Went out for two days, slept together as well. We tried to meet on Monday since I’m leaving the next day, he suddenly told me that he’s not feeling well. Naturally, The following day, I asked if he was feeling better. And he said he wanted space because I push him too much. I mean, what was that for? What does he mean with the space. I love far by the way. And do not often send him messages.

  6. Jane

    December 23, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    My boyfreind and i have been in a fabulous, fun and deliriously passionate relationship for over three years. We love each other very much. My boyfreind went to his home country to meet his mother for the first time in January, when he came back he showed me a photo of him and his niece, i could see by the expression on his face just how much he wanted to be a father, we left it there and i hoped it would pass as im actually 51 and i am already fulfilled as a mother , he is 46 and he thought he was over ever being a father. Six weeks ago he called me completely overwhelmed as he wants to be father, he feels tremendously broody. We met to talk about it and he told me frankly that he is very confused, he doens’t know if to continue our ” marvellous” relationship (his exact words) with no hope of having children or to leave our relationhip and go and fulfill his dream of being a father. He said he wanted time alone to figure it out. he said his heart tells him to go and be a dad but his head tells him to be with me. We have spent 6 weeks apart, he calls me every week or two to tell me he misses me and loves me very much. I haven’t contacted him, i am just leaving it up to him to do that, I feel quite sick to the pit of my stumoch about all this, I felt that he was my man, the one, i was at my happiest. I feel i should tell him im not waiting for him anymore, that he should feel what it is like to lose me completely so he will react, at the moment he knows i am waiting for him, giving him space, but he is sure i am there for him, not an ideal situation for me, but i offered to wait for him from a loving place in my heart, it felt natural to do so. I need to get out of limbo, im torn now too . I have felt many emotions these weeks, pain, fustration, rejection, but the one constant emotion that doesn’t flicker is my absolute love for him, its tragic, i feel our situation is a very hard one to handle. Oddly enough my coil was removed last week as the doctors said i wouldn’t need it at my age, it turns out though that hormone tests for my hypothroidism have revealed that my oestrogen levels are extremely high, that im very fertile, i couldnt have a baby with him now though after his doubting our relationship,plus i have no desire to have a baby at this point in my life…. should i go ahead and tell him that im not waiting for him, get on with my life or should i give him more time?

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