12 Ways To Lovingly Reclaim Your Time and Quit Being So Busy


how to stop being busy

One of the most valuable commodities you have is your precious focus and attention.

It’s time to stop worshipping at the altar of busy. It’s time to become smitten with yourself and enchanted with your life.

Here are 12 ways to bring more peace, more joy and more time into your life:

1. Really review your calendar.

Are you filling your time with activities that you really desire to do?

Or are you filling your time simply to fill out the time?

Begin bowing out of things that don’t really serve your goals.

2. Are you overcommitting your time?

You are a finite resource! Ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if a particular task isn’t done?”

3. Are you saying yes to things that don’t feed your spirit?

Remember that “No.” is a complete sentence.

4. Are you allowing yourself enough “white space” in your life?

White space is the gap between rest and exhaustion. It is the space between breathing freely or feeling as if you are suffocating. Think of it like empty space on your calendar!

5. Are you allotting time to work towards your New Year’s goals?

If you want to make those dreams a reality, you must have time to work toward them!

6. Are you always tired?

Reduce the tasks on your to do list, turn off Facebook, and go to bed earlier.

7. Are you keeping yourself busy so that you don’t have to feel?

Be honest with yourself around what feelings you’re trying to avoid.

8. Are you creating sacred time in each day?

Allow for tiny moments to discover the beauty in the everyday art of living. Take a deep breath and a few minutes for a little prayer or meditation.

9. Do you have routines that support your dreams?

I know routines sound boring and very unglamorous, but they are the backbone to living.

10. Are you over-scheduling your kids?

Keep your children’s extra-curricular activities to one or two per child. Kids need time to be kids and just play, especially unstructured play. And they need plenty of good sleep!

11. Do your children model your busy behavior?

Children who have all their time planned never learn how to amuse themselves. Children need to learn how to entertain themselves and play alone. It also allows them to dream and be creative.

12. Are you doing things that you can delegate?

Consider hiring someone to clean the house or mow the lawn while you work on a project is wise. You can also barter activities with a friend.

Begin to move toward creating life you love by ditching busy as a badge of honor.

Because, darling, you’re worth it.

Know you need to be less busy but aren’t sure where to start?

You don’t have to do it alone.

As you move forward into creating your fresh beginning, you may want a little help to keep you on track.

I created Become Besotted to help you finally fall in love with your life and create the dream you’ve deeply wished for.

Originally published at YourTango.com. Republished with permission from the author.
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